Our modern society tends to hyper-sexualize the female body. In a wave of hypocrisy, the curves of women are used to sell everything from hamburgers to cars, and then we turn around and tell her that she is immodest for wearing a low cut top. I shoot boudoir images to provide an avenue for women to liberate themselves and express their sexuality as they see fit. The female form is the most beautiful creation in all of nature and it should be treated as the art it is….respected and adored. At GK Image we provide a comfortable environment to express yourself. We shoot to your comfort level whether it be in an elegant night gown or your sexiest lingerie, and thoroughly covered to implied and full nudity. We will verbally pose you at angles to flatter your body type and suggest ideas that fit the theme. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with any direction you may simply tell us and we will discuss options to get the images you want. You are in charge of your photo session and your comfort is of utmost importance. We will have a short consultation before shooting starts to make sure we are on the same page, and to make sure you get exactly what you want from us. We guarantee you will love the quality of your photos and will love how you look in them.

*We provide extra time for boudoir sessions to allow for outfit changes and hair/makeup touch-ups. You will get up to 90 minutes for the cost of a 1 hour session. Any additional time above that will be at a discounted rate.

**While not exactly boudoir in nature, a mother wishing to do a more intimate or breastfeeding image with her child will be handled like a boudoir session and allow extra time to care for the baby.

To view Boudoir Gallery you will need to contact me for the password at gregking@gkimage.com or 801-560-6874 (text is welcome)

Client privacy is our first priority, and images are not posted here without permission. Once you have the password click here. This gallery contains nudity so viewer discretion is advised. 

Boudoir Checklist:

There are a few things you will want to have for your boudoir shoot. Read through these to make sure you are ready to create your best images.

Make-Up: You will see that the most important factor in these pictures is your eyes. The eyes make the image. Unless you naturally have amazing eyelashes, get some simple false eyelashes. You will then want to use black mascara and eyeliner to make the eyes pop. Eye shadow is less important in shade so just use what you have found to look best with your eye color or what matches your outfit. Lipstick should generally be kept light, natural colors with a little gloss except when darker or bright colors fit a theme you are going for. Have your makeup with you for touch-ups during the shoot.

Hair: When possible it is best to start with your hair brushed straight. That allows for the easiest changes in style during the shoot. This can be ignored if you have a particular style you want to have your hair in for all images.

Outfits, Shoes, Jewelry: We have a minimal amount of outfits and accessories so please make sure you have your own outfits/lingerie. Bring as many as you like and we will go through them together to plan out how to best use them. High heels or bare feet work well so go with what you are most comfortable with. Keep jewelry to a minimum but wear what you like. Ear or body piercings are fine to leave in.

Extra Items: A robe is always a welcome item, especially if planning on any nude images. If you would like bubble bath or shower scenes then have a couple of towels as well. And finally, bring some music that you like. Music has a calming effect and is great for setting a mood. If you don’t have a preference we will provide some quiet music.