Extra special care is taken for Boudoir shoots and Artistic Nudes. First and foremost, I understand that these tend to be very personal images that most clients do not want shown to the public. I will always respect your choice in this matter. Your privacy is important and if you do not want your photos shared on my website for other potential clients to view then I will never post them. You will also see that there are some examples here for anyone to view, but there is also a password protected gallery for images that are more sensitive, or for cases where a client agrees to allow me to post them but in a more secure way that the public does not have access to.

We will shoot these sessions in a place comfortable for you. Many clients choose to do them at their own home, so they are in familiar surroundings. I do not operate a studio but have used my home for many shoots. And a hotel room is always an option. The great outdoors is  a great choice too. Just know that you have the options available to make this as comfortable as possible.

My wife almost always assists me for these sessions, and you are also welcome to bring a trusted escort with you. I have numerous references available if you would like to talk to others who have booked with me as well. Just know that we create a safe space for you to capture images that you will love and feel empowered with.

Please browse these few examples below, and if you want to see more you can reach out to me to verify your identity and interest. I will provide you with a temporary password and then you will click here.