I will shoot personal and family portrait sessions, but generally stay away from the more formal events. My portrait sessions are relaxed and fun so true emotions are what we capture together. Most sessions will be held outdoors in natural light, but I will shoot indoors based on client needs. I also work with many new models who are building their portfolios. These sessions vary in styles and will often be done on a trade for time basis. This gallery has a wide array of images to give a general idea of how I shoot. I also threw in some landscape images for fun. If you like what you see then click on the Contact tab and we can begin to discuss your vision.


Quite often I get ideas for various themes stuck in my head and they won’t go away until I get a chance to shoot them. Every once in a while, one becomes an ongoing theme that I ask many models to try so I can show a variety of looks to the same thought. A few are shared here, but many more are still in the works and will be added soon.


Inspiration for my expression can come from many places. This gallery shares a few of the images created with song lyrics or a powerful quote in mind. Often I will add those words to the image in a hope they will speak to the viewer as strongly as they spoke to me.


My favorite shoots are Boudoir. The reason they are is because of the affect the session has on the client. Our society still holds so much power over a woman’s sexuality and uses the female form as an advertising tool, and this is something I hope to help change. Time and time again, the person I shoot a boudoir session with comes away with a feeling of empowerment and renewed ownership of her sexuality. She gets to feel beautiful for herself, in her own skin, and then share that with whoever she chooses. These sessions are always kept to the comfort level of the client, and privacy is always respected. These images are only shared here with permission. These sessions may contain nudity to any level if she chooses but it will never be a requirement of mine. Any session based on the female form is included in this gallery, so there are also images that contain artistic nudity, mainly in outdoor locations.

Do not view this gallery if you are uncomfortable with nudity.


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